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We can help to create more clearer, equitable and bias-free description, that attracts candidates and how your company strenghts.

Just add the job description


AI will assist you in everything:

  • Real business case for the position
  • Required key skills for assessment
  • Interview questions on each skill

Identify what's important to you


For the candidate, this interview will be like a real-life scenario from his or her future job.

The candidate will show their superpower


Get a complete rating of all candidates with detailed scores for each candidate: indicating the skill tree, strengths and weaknesses.

Full chat and video interview story is included!

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We automate tasks like pre-screening and sending emails. Applying for jobs will never be boring again.
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Save up to 80% of the initial budget for hiring current and future positions.

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Our screening process automation lets you focus on the best people for the job.