Your hiring co-pilot that tests the real skills and uncovers hidden talents

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Do you ever feel frustrated with the current screening processes?

It's tough to catch chatGPT writing cheats in applicants' CVs
Online assessment tests show theory knowing, but not real skills
Live interview with every applicant in person is impossible

A typical candidate funnel today

95% of candidates will be eliminated due to recruiter's lack of time, bias, and other formal reasons
your applicants
will lost at the CV keyword analysis
pass online tests with only theory preparation
require ~2 weeks for recruiter interviews
still may not have the real skills for this job

Test the skills on real cases

Potis is about automated behavioral interviews.
It’s a type of interview that asks candidates to provide specific examples of how they have handled certain situations in the real case.

Anti cheat way to assess

Unlike online-tests, it’s impossible to prepare for behavioral case structured interview.

Clear & bias free talent scoring

Get useful information about every candidate: by hard/ soft skills, strengths and weaknesses.

Best way to hire functional leaders

Potis interviews are best for testing how candidates apply theoretical knowledge in real situations.

Bloom at every hiring level

Less routine for recruiter

Cut all the daily routine like  pre-screening calls and other worthless assessment processes.
Don't lose out on top talent
Forget daily headache of call scheduling
Save time on creating screening content

Better talents for HR manager

Potis automatically evaluates every candidate and highlights the best for job talents.

Reduced costs for business

Save up to 80% of the initial budgets for hiring current and future positions.
Reduced Hiring Costs per vacancy
Job Offers
made with Potis AI
Candidate Interview completion rate
30 000+
Work Hours saved on screening

Just add the job description

We can help to create more clearer, equitable and bias-free description, that attracts candidates and show your company strenghts.

Try the job description improver

AI will provide all business context for the interview

Real business case for the position
Required key skills for assessment
Interview questions on each skill
* Of course you can manually edit this things

Invite all the candidates and watch the magic

Just add emails or send them link to interview.

Candidates can choose the way of interviewing with AI assistant: via text chat or video call.


Choose best talent for your position with clear scores

Get a complete rating of all candidates with detailed scores for each candidate: indicating the skill tree, strengths and weaknesses.

Full chat and video interview story is included!

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Get more surprising benefits

Customized personal feedback

Potis provides custom feedback, scores, and advice to every applicant based on their skills.

HR brand get rocked

Improve your candidates’ experience with open, fair, and attentive communication.

Bias free hiring solution

Give all applicants an equal, unbiased opportunity to showcase themselves.

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